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(Boldenone Undecylnate)
Hair Loss Safety: 6/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

Equipoise or "EQ" is easier on the hair than testosterone for most people. It is generally not quite an acceptable replacement for testosterone however. Any EQ that converts to DHT does not occur via the 5AR reductase, so 5AR inhibitor, such as finasteride, will not help.

In my experience, EQ is somewhat like a "mild" testosterone. It seemed to give me anxiety, so I generally avoided it.    
Understanding Hair Loss: Specific Steroids and Hair Loss
(testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, testosterone propionate, sustanon 250)
Hair Loss Safety: 3/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): 7/10

Testosterone is not particularly a "hair-friendly" steroid. All testosterone compounds are basically identical but their specific half-lives differ.  Testosterone-based steroids, just like your natural testosterone, converts via the 5AR reductase into DHT which attacks any hair follicles that are not genetically programmed to withstand DHT. 

Hair loss can prevented or controlled with finasteride which inhibits your 5AR enzyme, preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This is dose dependent, the more testosterone you take, the greater the risk for hair loss - even if you are taking finasteride. The more finasteride you take, the greater degree of hair loss protection. 

In my experience, if you are taking 2.5mg of finasteride, any amount of testosterone above 500 mg will cause cause hair loss if you are sensitive to androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness). I suggest that you take finasteride and do not use more than 500 mg of tesosterone if you are sensitive to androgenic alopecia. 

Basic information about specific steroids and their potential impact upon hair loss.
(nandrolone decanoate, nandrolone phenylpropionate)
Hair Loss Safety: 9/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): DO NOT TAKE WITH FINASTERIDE

Deca-Durabolin is one of the safest choices if you are concerned about your hair. However, to properly run Deca-Durabolin, ​you have to stack it with a testosterone base - which automatically increases the potential for hair loss. Running Deca without testosterone is not recommended and you will likely have no sex drive or energy after a few weeks. 

You should NEVER run Deca or NPP with a 5AR inhibitor, such as finasteride. Blocking the 5AR enzyme causes Deca or NPP to be turned into a more androgenic compound that will cause hair loss. A more advanced discussion of this is available in the eBook "Hair Loss from Steroids".
Hair Loss Safety: 2/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

Dianabol or "Dbol" is very androgenic and will eat your hair if you are prone to androgenic alopecia. 
In order to prevent hair loss, you will have to inhibit DHT topically on your scalp with the recommended products such as 5% Azelaic Acid. 

If you are prone to hair loss, even the recommended products may not be effective since Dianabol is so androgenic.

Steroids Listed
Injectables: Testosterone, Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise, Trenbolone, Primobolan
Orals: Dianabol, Anadrol, Superdrol, Anavar, Winstrol, Oral Turinabol 
I've used all these compounds (with Rx), if you'd like my opinion of a compound that not listed, shoot me an email: HairLossFromSteroids@yahoo.com

Hair Loss Safety: 1/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

Anadrol or "Drol" is one of the very worst of the well-known steroids on hair loss. Oxymetholone readily converts to estrogen and DHT at a very rapid rate, making it nearly impossible to prevent or control hair loss. If you are prone to androgenic alopecia, anadrol will accelerate it greatly. Don't touch anadrol if you value your hair.
Hair Loss Safety: 9/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

Anavar or "Var" is as safe as it gets for the steroid user that is prone to male pattern baldness. Anavar carries a very safe profile overall because it does not convert to DHT or estrogen. The only potential to see hair loss is if you are using very high doses of Anavar, upwards of 100mg. Any hair loss from Anavar can be easily controlled with topical applications of a high quality 5% Azelaic Acid solution and/or 5% Spironolactone cream. 
(Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate)
Hair Loss Safety: 3/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

Trenbolone or "Tren" is not friendly to your hair, it is actually a derivative of DHT. I do not recommended it if you are prone to male pattern baldness and wish to prevent hair loss. Some guys, however, are prone to hair loss from steroids and have had success preventing hair loss with the recommended topical formulas

It simply matters how prone you are to hair loss and your trenbolone dose. I wouldn't advise shooting trenbolone in a greater quantity or greater amount than 50 mg, every other day even if you are using the recommended products.

(Stanozolol or Winstrol Depot)
Hair Loss Safety: 0/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

Winstrol or "Winny" is just about the very worst steroid for your hair. Even guys that are not particularly prone to male pattern baldness will see hair loss from Winstrol. There are no products that will be particularly effect at preventing hair loss from this steroid.
Hair Loss Safety: 7/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

For most guys, Primobolan or "Primo" is one of the safer anabolic steroids for your hair. It is safer than testosterone and EQ. Any DHT that does find it's way to your scalp, you can likely inhibit with the suggested 5% Azelaic Acid and 15% Minoxidil formula and/or 5% topical spironolactone lotion. Even though Primobolan closely resembles Masteron, a very androgenic steroid that will accelerate hair loss, it seems to be safer on the hair for most guys. Primo is harder to find than most of the other better known injectable steroids and much higher priced.
Hair Loss Safety: 8/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

Superdrol seems to be fairly safe for your hair. I am very prone to androgenic alopecia and Superdrol certainly was more friendly to my hair than most steroids. With Azelaic Acid, I was able to prevent hair loss altogether. This was encouraging because Superdrol is such an effective oral steroid. Other than Anavar, Superdrol was the most "hair-friendly" oral steroid. Superdrol a GREAT bulking oral steroid. Just because it's legal, doesn't need it isn't super powerful. The gains are as good, if not better than dianabol. It's a steroid, not a prohormone. 
I have personally used this product and gain 9-15 lbs. and a great deal of strength each time: M-Stane $15.49
Androgenic - Anabolic Ratio Chart
* A lot of guys reference this chart when evaluating the androgenic:anabolic potential of steroldal compounds. 

Androgenic compounds are the ones that cause DHT side effects such as accelerated genetic pattern hair loss.
However, my personal experience with various steroids has not exactly followed suit to these ratings.

For instance, the chart suggests that Winstrol (androgenic rating of 30) is just slightly more androgenic than Anavar (androgenic rating of 24). For me, and most guys, Winstrol will absolutely slaughter your hair and Anavar is very mild.

Sometimes the "numbers" don't add up. 
I encourage you to do your research on the personal experience of guys that have actually taken these compounds.

Since this chart is often a frame of reference for discussion and research, I still encourage you to take a look at it.

Remember, the 'androgenic' steroids are the ones that you should avoid if you are concerned about hair loss.

Hair Loss Safety: 9/10
Hair Loss Safety (w/ finasteride): N/A

I get a lot of emails about Oral-Turinabol or "Tbol". It is very safe on your hair. Supposedly it has an androgenic rating of 0 - but there is a slim chance of hair loss if you take a very large dose (in excess of 80 or 90mg). Anavar and Tbol are great oral steroidal, hair-safe choices. My one warning to you is - make your are actually using real turinabol. It is often "faked" or replaced with dianabol, which is nasty on your hair.